Team KW’s TREEmendous Response

Our Pledge to Mother Earth:

KW Landscaping, Inc. understands the importance and value of trees in our landscapes. We always strive to keep them as part of our projects for the benefit of the environment. Sadly, sometimes these beloved trees don’t fit the client’s needs for the desired landscape, and they must be removed.

Because we strive to do what is right for the environment while taking care of our clients, we introduced Team KW’s “Tree”mendous Response. For every living tree cut down by Team KW, we will plant a new native tree in its place. It’s just that simple. Team KW believes in taking care of others so they can live a fulfilled life, and this same rule is applied to Mother Earth. Trees are an important piece to every ecosystem, and we pledge to always replace when we need to remove.


Native Trees Planted

this Year


Total Trees Planted

this Year

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