Our Team


Landscape Management Team Lead

Cesar’s favorite food is grilled steak, and he enjoys playing soccer and rooting for Real Madrid. He loves how Team KW feels like a big family.


Landscape Construction Team

Kevin Xil has been with Team KW for around three years. His favorite machine to work with is the Dingo.


Operations Lead

Jeff’s favorite part of working with Team KW is the freedom to express himself through his work. That’s why he’s been a valuable part of the team for 8 years!


Landscape Management Team Lead

Edi has been happily working with Team KW for 14 years. He loves spending time with the team while they work and while they eat lunch together.


Landscape Construction Team Lead

Jeronimo’s favorite part of working with Team KW is always being surrounded by positiveness. When he isn’t working hard, he enjoys eating shellfish and watching soccer.


Landscape Management Team/Technician

Dimas has proudly been with Team KW for 16 years. His favorite plants are roses and orchids.


Landscape Construction Team

Luis is from Mexico and enjoys working with all the types of materials and machines that he gets to use working with Team KW.

Kevin Wengernuk


Kevin’s favorite parts of working with Team KW are taking care of clients in need, seeing a design become a reality, and witnessing how the design grows and evolves. In his spare time, Kevin loves playing lacrosse and ice hockey.


Landscape Management Team/Technician

Obdulio’s favorite machine is to use is the spray tank. He loves working with Team KW, especially doing lawn maintenance.


Landscape Construction Team Lead

Martinez loves working with Team KW, especially on construction projects. His favorite foods are steak, steak, and more steak.


Landscape Management Team

Israel was born in Guatemala and has been a part of Team KW for eight years.


Landscape Construction Team

Benito hails from Mexico. His favorite parts about working for Team KW are the construction aspects of the job and always getting to learn something new.


Production Planner

Corrine was born in Columbus, Ohio, grew up in Wisconsin, and moved to Maryland in 2015 to be closer to her extended family. Her favorite part of working with Team KW is knowing she works for a company that cares about its people and delivering spectacular results to its clients.


Landscape Construction Team

Even though he’s only been here for about a year, Diego’s favorite team is Team KW. He really enjoys working with everyone on the team.


Business Lead

Jennifer’s favorite things to eat are empanadas from Colombia, and she loves the Colombian soccer team. During her spare time, she likes horseback riding and taking in the beautiful sights. She enjoys all the laughs and fun times working with Team KW, especially when creating theme projects and seeing the end results.