Organic Turf Management Practices for your Home or Business

Posted on: March 31, 2015

KW Landscaping is proudly NOFA certified. What this means is that we adhere to their guidelines and recommendations when landscaping your home or business. We also have completed 30 hours of coursework and attend yearly trainings to maintain our certification status. When it comes to organic lawn care, NOFA sets the standards for our industry. When considering what to include in your yearly maintenance landscape agreement, it’s important to consider some of NOFA’s best practices when it comes to organic lawncare.

When preparing your yard for a beautiful organic lawn you will want to have your soil tested. If you want your property to look its best, to save money, and to protect the environment even more, do an easy soil test before you apply anything at all. A soil testing lab will be help you figure out how much of which fertilizers and nutrients to apply for optimum results.

For a healthy lawn you will want to Mow high at a height of approximately 3″-4″. You also will want to leave grass clippings on your lawn and water infrequently, if at all. You should also encourage a bit of white clover, fertilize with compost and overseed bares spots in the fall and early spring.

Good turf management (infrequent but deep watering, moderate fertilization, soil amendments based on soil tests, mowing high at 3″-4″, and a diversity of grass and plant species) will result in a vigorous turf with a deep extensive root system that can tolerate relatively high grub densities without damage. Nature itself often can keep grub populations in check through the checks and balances of weather conditions and predator-prey cycles.

KW Landscaping offers and strongly recommends their ORGANIC TURF ENHANCING PROGRAM: yes this program is 100% Organic: This program is designed to grow a green, thick, lush lawn that is safe for you, your children, your beloved pets and my technicians. The turf will be fertilized monthly, March-October, ensuring a constant food supply. The turf will be overseeded in the fall. Overseeding is the best form of weed control because it creates competition that weeds cannot handle. The crew will spread 8lbs of seed per 1000sqft, this is double what University of Maryland recommends. Also in the fall, the lawn will be Aerated. Aeration ensures greater seed to soil contact which increases seed germination. The turf will be topdressed with compost in the fall too. Your soil is a living ecosystem and the compost provides organic matter which soil microbes feed on. Compost is black gold that insures the results of this program and you can never have too much. The soil will be amended with adequate nutrients to balance the soil chemistry for your particular lawn. A soil test will be conducted to know exactly what your soil needs because a soil deficient of those needs will not be a place grass will want to grow. Weeds are messengers telling us what is deficient in the soil or what problems your soil may have and most times we just “shoot the messenger.” You cannot IGNORE the underlying problem. This program will address those issues, creating an environment that grass will want to grow in. For example, crabgrass loves compacted and calcium poor soils, so if you relieve the compaction and increase your calcium levels, the soil will be a less desirable place for crabgrass to grow. This program uses science and science takes time. The lawn and soil ecosystem will get better and better over time.

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Organic Turf Management