No Milkweed, no Monarchs?

Posted on: June 2, 2014

Let’s make Maryland a Monarch friendly stop for our traveling butterfly friends. Did you know that Asclepias, commonly referred to as milkweed plants, are vitally important to the existence of the Monarch Butterfly? Asclepias are the ONLY plant that monarch caterpillars can feed on. No Asclepias, no Monarchs. There have been reportedly less Monarchs than usual last year in the Northeast. The environmental factors including pesticides and habitat loss in the Midwest are hard for us to control here in Maryland but once the monarchs get here, we CAN provide them with larval plant food and then plenty of nectar. Please consider adding this fragrant plant to your garden to not only help sustain the Monarch population but attract these marvelous creatures to your own backyard. There are a number a beautiful colors to choose from including pink, white, purple and orange butterfly weed. Email KW Landscaping for more information on how to add this to your garden in time for the incoming Monarch migration, currently headed our way. click here to see the Monarch’s migration by region. KW Landscaping can order the milkweed plant and have it ready for your garden in 2-3 days. Have you seen a Monarch yet in Maryland this year?

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