Landscaping with Travertine: What is Travertine?

Posted on: July 10, 2014

Travertine is a wonderful stone to consider using for your outdoor stone projects. Travertine is a natural stone such as Marble, Granite, Onyx, Limestone, Slate etc. The key difference between Travertine and other natural stones lies in the formation of the rock, the hardness of the stone and the appearance. Travertine is formed in hot springs and/or limestone caves. Travertine is not the same as Marble or Limestone which falls in the metamorphic rock category. Key characteristics of Travertine stone are the holes within the stone which are caused by carbon dioxide evasion.KW Landscaping recommends using Travertine for the following outdoor projects:

  •  Pool Decks
  • Pool Steps
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Walk-ways
  • Outdoor Fireplaces
  • House Walls
  • Outside Stairs

For more Travertine information please check out: or email KW Landscaping to learn how you may use Travertine in your next Maryland Landscaping project.

Travertine Landscaping