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Summer & Winter Container / Window Box Color Program

This CUSTOM service includes removal and disposal of prior season’s plantings and the installation of new seasonal plantings to create beautiful color for you containers and window boxes all year long. The summer planting is in May and the winter planting is in November/December.

Consider what our customers have to say...

  • Marianne

    “Just thinking how I’m always happy to return home to the sanctuary of my yard and the Bay so close at hand. Being in and observing nature is the most restorative palliative for me.

    I always know when your crew has been here. Their thoughtful tending is really exquisite. Your company and its mission provides so much beauty and example to so many. Tom and I are exceedingly grateful for it.”

  • Jana Castle

    “We debated whether to issue machetes on the driveway for friends to hack their way through all our overgrown landscaping to the door or hire Kevin and his team to redo our front entry. Holy smokes did we ever make the right decision going with Team KW! Kevin presented us with some dreamy ideas which his team brought to reality in just a short time. They arrived bright and early every day and worked all day long with a clear focus on each day’s chores. As things began to take shape and the paper dream became a reality, it was totally evident that these guys are the best at what they do, and their pride showed at each day’s end with their stone laying wizardry. To the man, Team KW was polite, hardworking and super skilled at this job. My husband will tell you I specialize being picky and micro-managing everything, but I just laid back and let them work their magic. We were also super happy with all the subcontractors Kevin selected to do all the other specialized incidentals… tree removal, siding repair and electrical work. It is a special thing when the subcontractors tell you how good Kevin and his team are, and how beautiful their work is. To be held in high regard by your peers says a lot. The final day of construction the cleanup was impeccable… hard to believe we had 12 yards of cement, 4 pallets of blacks and 15 tons of stone installed, and they left everything looking so tidy!! We now have a whole new house thanks to Kevin and his team and we didn’t have to move an inch. Highly recommend them for any landscaping needs and especially LOVE the fact Kevin believes in using locally sourced materials (Patapsco quarried stone) and native plants for the new beds. Organic and beautiful to the last detail. Thank for making us the envy of our neighborhood!”
    – Jana Castle

  • Patricia Ringers

    Kevin and his team just completed two amazing jobs at our house. They fixed a severe erosion problem on a hill and it is not only secure but also beautiful. They also tore down old railroad ties that were rotten and build a gorgeous stone wall that adds incredible curb appeal and will also curb erosion. The plantings are lovely. The people were so very nice and worked hard every day. We could not be more pleased and look forward to future projects. We took all of their recommendations and could not be happier. Thank you so very much! Also- they were incredibly responsive and kept checking in to be sure we were happy. Communication was awesome! – Patricia Ringers

  • Christina Lizza

    “I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you and the KW team for the work done in my yard today. The front bed looks amazing and they did a great job with the edging. I also saw the bricks were filled in by the back door. I can’t wait to see everything tomorrow in the daylight!

    I really appreciate how Team KW takes care of me and my little yard — I’m always so happy with the results. I can’t thank you and your team enough for all that you do.

    PS — my neighbor in the white house next door and her sister that lives right around the corner asked for your company’s name a week or two ago, so I passed that along. Your team’s work is definitely noticed in the neighborhood.” – Christina Lizza

  • Verna Galloway

    “My yard looks great! I love it. It is very attractive, as well as functional for what I needed. Solomon, Humberto, Papa and Jeronimo finished off and cleaned up everything so well. I am extremely pleased with their work and the finished product.”– Verna Galloway

  • Jay Dixon

    “I know you know you’ve got a great crew led by Cesar and Mario. You treat and manage with such respect they return that input on the job. What a great group of professional and hard working guys. Such a pleasure working with you all.”– Jay Dixon

  • Margaret Sullivan

    “Thank you KW Landscaping! We had neglected our lawn for some time because we did not know where to start. We appreciate your guidance on how to bring back the curb appeal of our property. Cesar, Jeronimo and Mario were especially professional and did a fantastic job.” – Margaret Sullivan

  • Diana

    “Kevin and the superb KW crew provide professional, reliable, and environmentally responsible landscaping services. Over four years, they have transformed my unruly, wooded yard into my personal retreat. Cesar and Mario do weekly maintenance, manual weeding, and debris clean up. They keep everything neat and tidy. Solomon, Jeronimo, Humberto, and Papa take care of mulching and removing invasive and crowded plants, making my yard extra spiffy. The KW crew works hard so I don’t have to; I can just relax and enjoy the view.”
    – Diana

  • Jim Rylander

    “So don’t get a big head or anything, but this afternoon the house looks magnificent. The grass, the mulch, the new walkway, porch & patio. Everything really looks fantastic. Your work for us should be featured in some magazine or newspaper somewhere. Please convey my heartfelt thanks to Humberto, Solomon, Papa, Joronimo, Edi and Dimas. Thanks guys! “– Jim Rylander

  • China McHold

    “I want to commend the KW Landscaping’s employees. Thank you Cesar, Mario, Edi and Dimas for delivering excellent service. The team delivered careful, fast, detailed work and made a big difference in a short amount of time. I highly recommend this company and these super professionals!”
    – China McHold

  • Gayle Page

    “KW Landscaping INC just completed the first and most substantial phase of landscaping our front and back yards in Severna Park. From the time president and founder Kevin Wengernuk shared his vision for our property, we have felt engaged; the new landscaping around our home was more than just new plants and rearranged beds. We now have a new and welcoming entry into our home and new plants and trees that blend in with our many oak trees. We started with a desire to solve our longstanding drainage problem and ended up with a beautiful permeable brick patio embraced by a South Bay Rock Cottage wall, including a fire pit just for fun. The construction team, Solomon, Humberto, Jeronimo and Papa were meticulous in their work, kind and respectful. The effort and detail that went into the construction process by those four men was very impressive and thorough. We look forward to phase 2. Thank you to all for your good work.”– Gayle Page

  • Bill & Melanie Wesley

    “Our relationship with KW Landscaping started when we were looking to build a retaining wall. Kevin’s approach, attention to detail and patience to address all of our questions allowed us to quickly realize he and his company could do much more for our property. With that we asked Kevin to design a solution for our suffering backyard. Our 47year old concrete patio was cracked and unusable, our storage was ineffective and for all to see, and our gardens were in an incredible state of disrepair. To address our concerns kevin met with us to get insight on what we wanted. We discussed privacy, a new patio, updated gardens and improved access to our storage. With this minimal guidance kevin developed a plan far beyond our expectations. It incorporated all of our requests and more. The design of the pergola leveraged an existing tree to provide and incredible design feature of the project. The cedar screen adds character, while providing the privacy desired, and the patio provides an excellent place to entertain while we enjoy the hot tub. kevin and his team transformed our backyard from an embarrassment to a focal point for our home. Their professionalism made the whole experience very enjoyable. We definitely plan to go back to kevin and his team for any future landscaping plans we may consider.”– Bill & Melanie Wesley

  • Debi Mallonee

    “Dave and I would like to thank you for the absolute incredible job that your team did on our walk and steps. We cannot believe how you have taken our lopsided steps that were falling away from the house and transformed them into a thing of beauty. The new walk and steps are awesome. Prior to this installation we dealt with a small stream through our basement every time it rained. This past weekend we had over 4” of rain and the basement was completely dry, thanks to your newly installed drainage system. You have transformed the exterior of our home and created a spa-like quality that has made an old lady look like a young woman. In addition to this your team did a thoroughly professional job. They measured twice for every cut that they made. They cleaned up after themselves everyday to minimize our concerns over the mess. They agreed to every request of Dave’s to add different stones from the original installation so that it would be more like the old stonework, whenever possible. They were polite and they were friendly. I actually ran into Humberto at the mall today as he shopped with his family. What a great guy! Thank you for a job well done.”– Debi Mallonee

  • Brenda Dillon

    “Was at Myers this weekend for the youngest birthday party. Saw the finished product. Great. Kevin I hope you got pictures of before and after because we have got to be your happiest customers EVER. All of us are so grateful every time we are out in the yard. It was so much fun for the first outdoor party. It was so wonderful and such useful areas, and comfortable. I have never gotten so much thanks, they love it so much and are so very very happy. I can’t thank you enough for taking it on. It really makes me so happy to see how much they are enjoying their gift. You have given my life such pleasure. Thanks for being such a wonderful landscaper and a great person along with it.”– Brenda Dillon

  • Carol Jacobs

    “KW Landscaping has worked on our property for over 10 years. They have been exceptional with everything they have done for me. Their people are wonderful and do whatever is needed to complete the job. My project was several months and they were there every day from morning til evening sometimes after dark. I had a patio, driveway, sidewalks, fencing, a water feature, as well as steps both back and front to the house. They are very considerate about keeping everything cleaned up daily. I am very proud of my yard and could not recommend the whole KW group enough.”
    – Carol Jacobs

  • Alex Schmidt

    “KW Landscaping has been working with me for about the last 10 years plus. They have performed work from installing large retaining walls out of true/milled 8×8’s with paver steps, patio work-gardens and decorative sidewalks and retaining walls; a sunken concrete area to recess our hot tub with decking around it; drain systems for diverting all of our downspouts, and the regular services that include yard and garden maintenance. We have about 3 acres on the water and they help manage all the permits/trees/plantings/gardens that we maintain. We have been completely satisfied with their pricing/work ethic and the crews that come to help us at our home.”
    – Alex Schmidt

  • Jay Dixon

    “We’ve worked with KW Landscaping forever, from annual lawn maintenance to extensive plantings and hardscaping. Everything they do is spectacular. And they’re extremely responsive. We had a tree drop from heavy snow right in front of the garage. We were trapped. The KW crew was there within an hour! Their service is outstanding in every way.”
    – Jay Dixon

  • Edgar and Jeanne Fogle

    “We are thrilled with the landscaping project you recently completed for us. We have received many complements. I am sure you will be hearing from others here in the neighborhood. The completed terrace gardens and stonework were so well done. In addition, your crew was so tremendous. They worked so hard, took very few breaks and were polite and accommodating. We have not one single complaint. You were a delight to work with.”
    – Edgar and Jeanne Fogle, Severna Park

  • Robert Byrd

    “KW designed, installed and now maintains a spectacular hardscape garden complete with water falls and stream. It’s paradise in our backyard. KW exceeded our expectations throughout every phase of the project.”
    – Robert Byrd

Take a Closer Look at Our Work

Take a Closer Look at Our Work

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