KW Landscaping is beginning their Fall tree hugging treatment

Posted on: September 30, 2014

Have you fed your trees this year? KW Landscaping is beginning their Fall tree hugging treatment, Deep Root Feeding. This treatment is best done in the fall while the soil is still warm and the nights are cool which allows the tree to build its root structure. By fertilizing in the fall, some of the nutrients will have a chance to be absorbed by the roots and will already be in the ground when the roots resume functioning in the spring.

Trees are often planted in poor quality soil. Deep Root Feeding (DRF) adds nutrients to the soil that the tree needs to be the healthiest tree possible. In natural forest environments, soil nutrients are constantly replenished by decaying organic matter from leaves and needles, but sometimes even they need a boost. In urban settings, we surround our trees with concrete or grass, which limits the amount of essential nutrients available to sustain a healthy tree. By limiting and removing the organic matter, we are stopping nature’s natural supply of food to our trees.

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Lawn fertilizers you may apply don’t make it to the roots of the tree because they are absorbed by grass roots. Deep Root Feeding injects water and nutrients into the soil, directly into your tree’s root zone. The root zone is typically no deeper than 12 inches, and is where the tree absorbs most of the nutrients. To feed a tree, we place a specialized probe 8 to 12 inches into the soil, injecting organic nutrients into the soil. The probe is then spun at each injection point to make sure nutrients are spread to all the roots. We continue inserting the probe and injecting organic nutrients every two feet in a circle pattern around the drip line of the tree and a few spots inside the drip line to hit those inner roots, offering the tree nutrients that it needs to grow.

KW Landscaping uses an organic fertilizer specifically blended for trees. Besides containing nitrogen, potash, and iron, the blend also contains seaweed which enhances the rapid development of a healthy root system. KW’s blend also contains over 15 species of Endo and Ecto Mycorrhizae and Mycorrhizae Helper Bacteria that trees need for increased feeder root mass, longevity and mobilization of nutrients.

Email KW Landscaping to learn more and schedule your Trees’ Fall Deep Root Feeding Treatment.

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