HUGE snowstorm! Are you ready?

Posted on: December 11, 2014

Are you ready for that HUGE snowstorm that is coming! They say 50% of Maryland will more than likely be out of power and we should expect record snowfalls. Whew, good thing you have that generator, your toilet paper and milk and a snow blower. You are the king of prepared! Or are you?

If you have not had your generator and or snow blower serviced this year then you are truly not prepared for a snow storm. Snow blowers and Generators need their carburetors serviced regularly or they will not start.

Why Service My Snowblower?

When the snow starts falling fast, your snowblower has to work when you need it. A snow blower has MANY moving parts that need to be checked and lubricated to ensure that they work when you need them too.

A quick, expert snowblower maintenance service can help ensure that you can fire your snowblower up with confidence every time – even in the most extreme conditions.



  • Check ignition system, carburetor, throttle and choke controls.
  • Clean engine cooling fins. Change oil.
  • Check manual starter and electric starter if so equipped.
  • Lubricate moving parts; pivot points, cables, auger shaft, and drive plate zerk.
  • Lubricate, inspect and adjust drive belts and/or chains as applicable.
  • Check Sheer Bolts/Pins and Inspect Condition
  • Test overall operation of equipment and ensure that all safety features are fully operational at the time of service.

Why service my generator?

When the power goes out, your generator has to work when you need it. Electrical generators need to be maintained properly and operated safely. A dirty fuel system will cause a generator to run poorly or not at all. Generators produce carbon monoxide, a deadly gas, and can also be dangerous because they produce powerful voltage and use flammable fuels. Maintaining your portable generator and operating it according to the manufacturer’s instructions can help to mitigate some of the safety risks.

How Often?

It’s a good idea to have a professional service your portable generator and snow blower once a year. It’s also important to check your product manual for the manufacturer’s advice on maintenance you may need to perform between your yearly service.

Lucky for you, KW Landscaping INC has an expert mechanic ready to service your outdoor power equipment. He can even winterize your lawn mower so that in the spring it will be ready to start mowing again. KW Landscaping INC offers pick-up and delivery of your equipment. Email KW Landscaping INC for more information and to schedule your service.