Festive Winter Garden Containers

Posted on: December 3, 2014

Its’ official, your summer planters are goners this year. But why not adorn your containers with a beautiful winter arrangement to enjoy now through the spring? KW Landscaping is currently creating beautiful custom winter garden containers and would love to provide a custom winter arrangement for your home. Here are some ideas for inspiration or create a completely original look, either way, it’s a great idea keep your garden containers festive this winter season. Please email KW Landscaping for more information.

winter garden container
Spikes and Berries: Cardinal dogwood spikes tower about a Fraser fir and winter berry holly pairing.












 Spikes and Berries: Cardinal dogwood spikes tower about a Fraser fir and winter berry holly pairing.

winter window box planter
Simple Beauty: Containers don’t need to be complicated to be beautiful. White pine branches spilling out of a window box are simple yet elegant with a fresh coat of snow.













winter container ideas

winter garden urns
Warm, Earthy Colors: Earthy colors brighten these urns and what’s inside them. This arrangement uses common materials, such as yellowtwig dogwood, red winterberries and the greens of Norway pines, incense cedars and boxwoods, plus unexpected touches: Southern magnolia leaves and kuwa pods (available at crafts supply stores). Try groupings for impact. If one container is good, two or more are better. Urns flanking a door or sidewalk entry add a formal note. On the lawn, patio or porch, group containers with similar shapes or colors in different sizes for a bigger impression. Keep materials similar, but don’t worry about matching exactly. Add white lights to give long winter nights some sparkle.
























winter garden containers

Christmas landscaping decoration
Add Lights: One easy idea for creating a holiday container is to take an already-potted tree and wrap it in lights. Giving it a skirt of evergreen boughs adds extra festive flair.





Winter Holiday garden containers
Illuminate your Holiday: Try adding winter garden containers to enhance your outdoor holiday decorations.