Choosing the right Mowing Service

Posted on: January 29, 2015

KW Landscaping is currently in the process of renewing all of our landscape management agreements for our clients. The services vary depending on the individual client’s desires and needs however mowing is a mainstay of our landscape management offerings. While it may seem like a straight forward service, there are some factors to consider when hiring a landscaping company to care for your property. Here are items to consider.

  •      Decide what you want from a service. Most offer some sort of fertilizing, mulching, leaf removal, aerating, mowing, and small tree and shrub maintenance; Do you need more?
  •  Inquire about the company’s philosophy and methods. Do they use slow release organic fertilizers? (That’s good). Do they routinely spray for pests or problems that you haven’t experienced? (That may be bad.) Do they check you soil before recommending a fertilization program? (Another good sign.)
  •  Talk to neighbors who use the landscape service. This is a good way to determine which services operate in your area and to get that homeowner’s recommendations.
  •  Request a lawn inspection and a free estimate of service costs from the company. Beware of companies that quote guaranteed annual prices without having seen your lawn.

beautiful Maryland lawn


  • Ask about prices and what services are included. Some companies require a yearly contact; others work on verbal agreements that can be discontinued by the customer at any time. Find out what happens if you have a problem between applications. Will there be a charge for these service calls?


  •  Check to see if you can save money by paying an annual fee up front. This method is more convenient than paying after each treatment. Some companies offer monthly installments to make their services budget friendly.
  •  Understand what services the company is proposing to provide before work starts. Find out what treatments are included, approximately when they will be applied, and what results can be expected.
  •  Find out what is guaranteed. Some will assure performance, and others will refund your money if the work is unsatisfactory.
  •  Make sure the service is licensed to apply lawn-care products as required by your state.
  •  Check with your local Better Business Bureau to find more information on a specific lawn-care company’s service record.

KW Landscaping’s mowing service includes edging, trimming, blowing and picking up any sticks or trash. The lawn will be mowed at varying heights throughout the season to promote a healthy stand of grass and compete with weeds. The heights will be lower in the spring and fall to encourage tillering (branching) and higher in the summer to deal with summer stress. Service runs April through October. Email KW Landscaping for a custom quote.