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Organic Turf Enhancement

Yes this program is 100% Organic: This program is designed to grow a green, thick, lush lawn that is safe for you, your children, your beloved pets and my technicians. The turf will be fertilized monthly, March-October, ensuring a constant food supply. The turf will be overseeded in the fall. Overseeding is the best form of weed control because it creates competition that weeds cannot handle. The crew will spread 8lbs of seed per 1000sqft, this is double what University of Maryland recommends. Also in the fall, the lawn will be Aerated. Aeration ensures greater seed to soil contact which increases seed germination. The turf will be topdressed with compost in the fall too. Your soil is a living ecosystem and the compost provides organic matter which soil microbes feed on. Compost is black gold that insures the results of this program and you can never have too much. The soil will be amended with adequate nutrients to balance the soil chemistry for your particular lawn. A soil test will be conducted to know exactly what your soil needs because a soil deficient of those needs will not be a place grass will want to grow. Weeds are messengers telling us what is deficient in the soil or what problems your soil may have and most times we just “shoot the messenger.” You cannot IGNORE the underlying problem. This program will address those issues, creating an environment that grass will want to grow in. For example, crabgrass loves compacted and calcium poor soils, so if you relieve the compaction and increase your calcium levels, the soil will be a less desirable place for crabgrass to grow. This program uses science and science takes time. The lawn and soil ecosystem will get better and better over time.

Consider what our customers have to say...

  • Alex Schmidt

    “KW Landscaping has been working with me for about the last 10 years plus. They have performed work from installing large retaining walls out of true/milled 8×8’s with paver steps, patio work-gardens and decorative sidewalks and retaining walls; a sunken concrete area to recess our hot tub with decking around it; drain systems for diverting all of our downspouts, and the regular services that include yard and garden maintenance. We have about 3 acres on the water and they help manage all the permits/trees/plantings/gardens that we maintain. We have been completely satisfied with their pricing/work ethic and the crews that come to help us at our home.”
    – Alex Schmidt

  • Carol Jacobs

    “KW Landscaping has worked on our property for over 10 years. They have been exceptional with everything they have done for me. Their people are wonderful and do whatever is needed to complete the job. My project was several months and they were there every day from morning til evening sometimes after dark. I had a patio, driveway, sidewalks, fencing, a water feature, as well as steps both back and front to the house. They are very considerate about keeping everything cleaned up daily. I am very proud of my yard and could not recommend the whole KW group enough.”
    – Carol Jacobs

  • Edgar and Jeanne Fogle

    “We are thrilled with the landscaping project you recently completed for us. We have received many complements. I am sure you will be hearing from others here in the neighborhood. The completed terrace gardens and stonework were so well done. In addition, your crew was so tremendous. They worked so hard, took very few breaks and were polite and accommodating. We have not one single complaint. You were a delight to work with.”
    – Edgar and Jeanne Fogle, Severna Park

  • Jay Dixon

    “We’ve worked with KW Landscaping forever, from annual lawn maintenance to extensive plantings and hardscaping. Everything they do is spectacular. And they’re extremely responsive. We had a tree drop from heavy snow right in front of the garage. We were trapped. The KW crew was there within an hour! Their service is outstanding in every way.”
    – Jay Dixon

  • Robert Byrd

    “KW designed, installed and now maintains a spectacular hardscape garden complete with water falls and stream. It’s paradise in our backyard. KW exceeded our expectations throughout every phase of the project.”
    – Robert Byrd

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